Montebello Park
64 Ontario Street, St. Catharines Ontario Canada, L2R 5J9

Join our 64th annual ‘Wine Country’ celebration of Niagara’s internationally acclaimed grape and wine industry in September. Enjoy more than 100 events including winery tours and tastings, concerts, Niagara cuisine, wine seminars, family entertainment and one of Canada’s largest street parades.

Festivities in Montebello Park on September 18-20 and 25-27, 2015.


Niagara Wine Festival Discovery Pass $40.00

Prices are subject to change without notice.


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Karen September 25, 2015

I attended the original Grape and Wine Festival for almost 50 years...starting with my childhood and then taking my own children.I enjoyed the upscale wine events at the wineries as well but It was always fun knowing you would run into old friends, neighbour's and school mates at the parade or the park or at an Event in the Tent... And for those who had moved away over time...well, you could count on them to come home for that week of events to celebrate our small town fun. However, after attending 2 years under the new Wine Festival...i stopped going to any of it...the week no longer has that family, community has been disappointing and I will not be carrying on the tradition with my grandchildren. Sad but true!
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trever September 26, 2015

This is way over priced. I would never bring my family. It costs $25.99 for 2 day passes at wonderland compared to that you are just GREEDY!!!!
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diana September 26, 2015

You guys are ridiculous making it a $40 entry and my 23 girlfriends had planned to attend and when we got there were asked to pay a$40 entry fee each. Some of us came from Oakville and Burlington. What a joke. We went and spent our money else where. So sad. Never again.
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Penny September 26, 2015

Too expensive and too commercialized. Use to be an event to look forward to.
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Debbie September 26, 2015

Bring back the GRAPE and wine festival,it's turned into a money grab and less about the community
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Donna Sherbok September 29, 2015

I'm a Niagara Falls resident and took some family from out-of-town to the wine festival at Montebello park on Saturday. I was so disappointed with it. I was shocked that it cost $13.00 for a 4 oz. glass of wine but that first I had to buy a glass for $3.25 bringing one glass of wine to $16.25. That was totally unaffordable for me and I.m sorry to say I left without even getting to enjoy a glass. That evening we went to a fine Niagara Falls restaurant with a view of the Falls and had a lovely glass of Niagara VQA wine for $9.00. (in a free wine glass). Also I seen many people walking around drinking out of the bottle sharing it among 3 or 4 people (probably saving the glass fee) it looked horrible. Well I won't be back, and would never recommend to any of my friends or family. signed Donna Sherbok
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Shelley September 19, 2015

The admission fee is ridiculous!Bring back the Grape and Wine as it was! A family event!!!!!! Not commercialized and a money grab that it has turned into.
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