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Sunday July 7
@ 7:00pm
Avalon Theatre 6380 Fallsview Boulevard, Niagara Falls
0.4km from the Falls (0.2mi)

THE MODERN GENTLEMEN are NOT your ordinary vocal group. With an extraordinary origin story starting out as members of the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame band “THE FOUR SEASONS"Landon BeardTodd Fournier and brothers Brian and Brandon Brigham were all handpicked by the legendary FRANKIE VALLI. After more than a decade of thrilling audiences all over the world with the music icon, VALLI graciously gave his blessing to start their own group. This marked a significant turning point in their careers, allowing them to showcase their own talents and carve out a unique place in the music industry. With the perfect blend of nostalgia and originality, they create unforgettable live experiences wherever they go as they continue to electrify and inspire fans both young and old!