The Rat Pack Tribute

Greg Frewin Theatre 5781 Ellen Avenue, Niagara Falls
1.4km from the Falls (0.9mi)

The Rat Pack Show is a tribute like no other! This powerful 90 minute show captures the look and feel of the times, features the best Rat Pack impersonators, and co-mingles the comic banter, songs and entertainment in the same way the original cast performed it.

The Rat Pack captures some of the original show's signature routines. According to the Santa Barbara New Press, "Good actors can transport the audience into a bygone era and give them a glimpse of something that slipped away. These guys pulled it off. They flawlessly fed us the legendary lines. They delivered the Rat Pack for better and for worse. The cast showed us what it was like. When they strolled down the aisle in the second act and their voices filled the room before we could see them, I had a weird sensation. I wished at that sweet moment that I had been a booze- guzzling, polyester-coated lounge lizard in the 60's. That's a feeling that I could not have conjured up on my own in a thousand years."

The performers return you to the early 1960's to re-create this legendary package. From the top rated shows in Las Vegas and Chicago, each performer is considered by most critics to be the best at portraying their period counterparts. With combined experience of over 30 years, they captivate audiences with wit, humour, charm and vocal performances that are second to none.


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