Saturday February 8
Seneca Queen Theatre 4624 Queen Street, Niagara Falls
3.1km from the Falls (1.9mi)

The Stevie Ray Vaughan Experience has been playing all over the Greater Toronto Area. After receiving rave reviews, accompanied by many encore bookings on the club circuit, the band is climbing its way up to larger venues and festivals throughout Southern Ontario.

Stevie Ray Vaughan's timeless, albeit brief contributions to the music world made him one of the most influential guitarists in the revival of blues in the 80s. Though he died more than two decades ago, the guitar legend and his influence can be seen and heard everywhere as it continues to grow.

Few of Stevie’s acolytes likely have the same dedication as Dave Ryan, who has spent the last decade getting the details just right as the front man of The Stevie Ray Vaughan Experience. In addition to Dave’s attention to Stevie’s guitar work, vocal stylings, and guitar tone, there are many other visual elements of the show including look-alike hats from Stevie’s favourite, Texas Hatters, replica guitars/amps, and yes, the man even has the same blue peacock tattooed on center of the his chest!


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I’ve always been a Stevie Ray Vaughan fan as far as I was concerned he outplayed Jimi Hendrix and it was always an disagreement between myself and my husband but Saturday night Dave Ryan playing as SRV, and he was so good it made my husband agree especially when he played Voodoo Child. It was an awesome night and took me back oh just a few years, I would definitely do it again here’s to a great night.

Sincerely Linda M

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