This position is responsible for performing and overseeing the preparation, seasoning, and cooking of a wide variety of food products by methods and techniques directed by the Chef at a level of journeyman of the cooking trade in a safe, efficient, and with respect to the general public, healthy manner, as well as the instruction and training of apprentice cooks on duty stations, and assuming responsibility for any culinary station.


Supervise, train, coach, counsel and delegating tasks to apprenticeship cooks, kitchen workers, and lead cooks, according to individual skill level and competency. The position is also responsible for assuming any culinary station, depending on business/staffing issues, as well as completing smaller functions in their entirety.


  • Demonstrate commitment and passion to maximizing guest satisfaction in each stage of the guest experience, particularly as it pertains to exceptional standards of food preparation, cooking, and presentation, including service timing in a team-based environment
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform all stations/equipment of a typical fine dining culinary operation consistently, efficiently and safely
  • Outstanding attention to detail – taste, touch, olfactory, and visual as they pertain to quality assurance /inspecting, selecting, and approving food ingredients for cooking use, and subsequent recipe preparation and cooking- particularly as they apply to a farm to table culinary environment
  • Outstanding culinary skills, including manual dexterity; in regards to efficiency, safety, and health within the kitchen in both food quality and quantity of food prepared
  • Perpetually Positive work demeanourin order to add to a positive team environment. Positive and patient demeanour as it pertains to supervising, assigning work/ assessing, teaching, correcting, and modifying various levels of culinary skill
  • Approachable and establishes immediate credibility with guests and staff – leads all staff by example
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills and the ability to maintain composure/ work under pressure
  • Three to five years of previous cooking experience in a comparable fine dining culinary operation, preferably with farm to table experience
  • Accredited diploma in culinary Arts or completed industry certified apprenticeship at an equivalent level
  • Must be able to work all evening shifts including weekends and holidays

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