The Crux Escape Room

The Crux Escape Room
5001 Victoria Avenue, Niagara Falls Ontario Canada, L2E 4C9

Imagine; 2-6 players locked in a room. A narrative has been set. There are seemingly ordinary objects, 4 walls, a door, and a lock. Don’t forget, there’s a timer… Oh yes, ticking away… Start with 50 minutes, now it’s 45. Oh, you solved that puzzle? Well, now there’s 30 minutes. What’s that? You’re stuck? 20… 15… 10…

Phew, glad you made it past that… Bzzzzzzz.

I guess you didn’t make it.

Loosely based on “escape the room” video games like The Castle of Dr. Brain, The 7th Guest, Maniac Mansion and many others. A player is locked in a room and must explore their surroundings to escape. Each of our games has a distinct Theme, and puzzles that follow a narrative throughout the room.

The Crux Escape Room is proud to present our Niagara Falls escape room facility and Board Game Lounge, located at 5001 Victoria Ave.

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