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Celebrate Niagara DMC Inc.

Celebrate Niagara DMC Inc.
47 Terrama Court, Niagara Falls Ontario Canada, L2S 3X7

Celebrate Niagara is the “GO TO” locally owned & operated assistance for your next event or conference in Niagara. Operating for over 12 years in every sector of the events industry, Celebrate Niagara helps bring what is unique and best about Niagara to your next event in this bountiful region. Known for creatively finding the perfect solution for clients and extensive industry relationships, the team at Celebrate Niagara knows every winery, attraction and flowering tree in the Niagara region.

After 32 years in the hospitality industry, the owner, Natalie Lowe, knows keeping the client’s best interests at heart is the key to success. Need to transport 1,000 delegates 45 minutes without complaint? Call us. Your chairperson wants to smoke cigars and drink fine wine? Call us. Logistical problems and detail filled headaches? Problems to us are like spinach to Popeye – so call us and let’s have some fun!