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25 Seapark Drive #1, St. Catharines
14.7km from the Falls (9.1mi)

Coventry is one of the largest operators of taxis, accessible taxicabs, airport transportation cars, executive black cars, limousines and shuttle buses in Canada.

The general public makes use of many well established, locally known branded services, in various cities within Ontario The entire collection of taxi fleets and associated services are efficiently operated by Coventry with use of superb logistics technology operated out of one call centre. Coventry has well established processes for efficient customer service and dispatching processes. The company is known for its high standards of service, and efficient support infrastructure needed for moving people safely.

They handle contracted transportation services for large corporate, commercial and government customers. Coventry is one of the most innovative and efficient ground transport companies in Ontario, and are recognized across North America for exceeding the stringent requirements of regulators in the industry.

Central Taxi

Safe reliable taxi service using the latest technology for chatter-free transportation. Customers can pay with credit and debit cards, or arrange to open a taxi account service.

905 685-7343

For Airport Transportation or Elite Black Car Services:

905 468-7727