Creative, perceptive and able to adapt to any set of circumstances that comes their way, Aires could be called the Zodiac’s over-achievers. To an Aries, a vacation means a chance to be more active, an opportunity to learn something new or a time to test his or her abilities. This fire sign is all about the long view…literally…and loves to discover a unique way to see the sights. Aries crave a trip that allows them to travel in style, provides adventure, and offers a breathtaking view. Check…check…check…all things the Niagara region is want to do!

Socially gifted, Aries have an excellent sense of humour. Their fiery, passionate personalities and energetic natures call for a destination with lots of activities available around the clock. Niagara offerings of interest to active Aries include:

Taking the scenic route with a side of excitement… Aries would be all for helicopter tours over the most mighty of waterfalls,Jet Boat excursions thrashing through the mighty Niagara’s rapids, floating above the rapids in Whirlpool Areo Car or standing on deck on the heaving vessel navigating the churning surf at the base of the Falls. And with a nod to their inner teenager, would also be totally up for soaking up the fun at any of the Niagara’s water parks.

Going all in for the excitement at the Casinos. From gaming to big name entertainment, Aries love the stimulation of crowds and the nightlife. Social butterflies, they aren’t likely to turn down an invitation and would enjoy evening outings ranging from the irreverent Oh Canada Eh Dinner Theatre to an upscale night out at the Shaw Festival.

Combining the Aries love of sports with their appreciation for an incredible view with a round or two on the world-classgolf courses that dot the region. Niagara has no end to the number of ideal vacation excursions perfect for the energetic Ram!