Curious Aquarians gravitate toward the new, the different, the technological or the progressive. While their manner is often easy going and unassuming, they are nonetheless pretty intent on achieving their goals. Since on-the-move Water Bearers are happiest in an urban environment that also offers a side of engaging adventure, Aquarians aiming for an ideal getaway need look no further than Niagara Falls.

Honest, loyal, highly-intelligent, Aquarians are also quite artistic and love the night life. Adding a day of taking in a city’s sights to an evening of dancing the night away in a hopping club would equal the ideal Niagara vacation for an Aquarian.

Other Niagara must-do’s:

  • Marveling at Nature’s beauty in the Niagara Glen, an exceptionally beautiful Nature Reserve located deep in the Great Gorge. Enterprising Aquarians, who totally enjoy hiking and watching the constellations sparkle in the night sky, crave this type of adventurous outing. The Journey Behind The Falls and the White Water Walk will also appeal to audacious Aquarians.
  • Stargazing of a different sort when catching a big-name concert or well-known act at one of the Fall’s casinos. Given their propensity to see the sun come up, an exciting flirtation with a game of chance will be the perfect follow-up to the big show!
  • Exploring the fanciful art galleries and diverse museums that dot the region. From the quirky to historical, from showcasing the local talent to promoting Canadiana, Niagara has something artistically-inclined Aquarians will want to see!

Aquarians serious about their entertainment will discover Niagara seriously fills the bill!