Traditional and loyal, Cancers tend to operate on a fundamental level and often are all about family and home. Apropos of their status as a Water sign, Cancers prefer to vacation in tourist towns that center around water…but also offer an abundance of things to see and do! Somewhat of materialistic sign, Cancerians prefer to stay near the action and insist on the comfort of a well-appointed hotel room. Cancerians will be pleased to discover Niagara Falls stands ready to exceed expectations on all counts!

For Cancers, vacation time spent spending is truly time well-spent. Happiest when poking through the shops, Cancers also enjoy sightseeing via an organized tour or boat cruise. They love history and are fascinated with beginnings. A jaunt through the charming, historic streets of Niagara-on-the-Lake in a horse-drawn carriage would be a Cancerian’s idea of idyllic. Though family-oriented, Cancerians also needs alone time on their terms…even when on holiday. Niagara activities that Cancerians will enjoy include:

  • Retreating to one of the Niagara region’s fabulous world-class spas for the ultimate in pampering and restoration. As the moon is their ruler, those born under the sign of Cancer can be a tad moody without regular breaks to distress. The region’s upscale spas deliver unique Niagara-inspired therapies which offer rejuvenation with a sense of place.
  • Acquiring the ‘must-haves’ be at a pleasant little specialty emporium, a massive traditional shopping mall or a bargain-hunters paradise, an outlet mall. Niagara Falls and the surrounding region has something on offer for the most discriminating Cancer shopper.
  • Studying the past at the many authentic historical sites that dot the region. With their fixation on how things came to pass, Cancerians will appreciate the area’s significant role in events such as the War of 1812 and the Underground Railroad. Buffs won’t be bored taking a look-back at Niagara.

For a back to the basics getaway that does it up right, Cancerians need look no further than Niagara Falls.