Logical Capricorns are highly-intelligent with a tendency to apply their considerable know-how, along with their desire for order, to the matter at hand. In short, Capricorns fix what they can! All of which makes everyday life so busy and demanding that practical Capricorns prefer not to stray too far from home. Given this preference for a nearby destination, it's no surprise that organized Capricorns love to visit areas where they can seize the day trip! For purposeful Goats a getaway to Niagara Falls would be the definition of rewarding.

Capricorns like to hike and would be in heaven wandering through the unrestrained and stunning vistas in Niagara. Since they enjoy an aura of status, they tend to lean towards established or boutique hotels which is motivated by an interest in an area’s history.

Possibilities for orderly outings in Niagara include:

- Indulging in the ultimate in relaxation at the regions incredible first class spas. Goats love to be pampered and where better than in Niagara Falls where spas and luxury are synonymous. Signature treatments, often derived from the area’s viticulture, assure a blissful experience.

- Acquiring local art, fine antiques or one-of kind collectables at the myriad of specialty shops and galleries situated throughout the region.

- Sampling the extraordinary offerings from the regions’ thriving culinary scene. Capricorns love fine food! And be it aMom & Pop diner or a Farm-to-Table restaurant or the epitome of fine dining, Niagara’s got the delicious goods!

In Niagara, starry-eyed Capricorns can rest assured that everything will go according to plan.