Flexible and adaptable, Gemini’s are quick to act and almost always achieve positive results. The Twins tend to have a duality to their nature. A generous sign, they are affectionate and imaginative and possess a charisma that’s contagious. Gemini’s love to hit the road aiming for a trip full of excitement, never-ending possibilities and an ever-changing itinerary full of new people, places, and experiences. No surprise then for a Gemini’s dream getaway all roads lead to the Niagara region

Gemini’s love to stroll lively city streets or browse an interesting streetscape all while socializing with as many people as possible. They are also partial to celebrity and are strategic about staying in a place where they have a chance to rub shoulders with the glitterati. The kind of setting that appeals to Gemini’s is thriving arts scene situated in an area dotted with cafes, galleries and antique shops.

Urbane and sophisticated Niagara possibilities for Gemini’s include:

Tapping those Gemini’s street-smarts while exploring all the hopping action on Clifton Hill or meandering through quaintNiagara-on-the-Lake’s charming specialty shops and galleries.

Catching a big-name show at one of the Casinos or taking in one of the fabulous theatrical productions at the Shaw Festival. If the Stars are out, Gemini wants to bask in the glow!

Casing Niagara’s world-class culinary scene in pursuit of the ultimate in dining. Polished and sophisticated Gemini’s enjoy learning and would be right at home touring and tasting at the world-class wineries or discovering the Niagara-inspired cuisine.

Gemini’s are sure to shine their brightest in Niagara!