Exuberant Leo’s are natural leaders who tend to be didactic and vocal. Adventurous Leo’s love to travel setting their sights on where they’ll find the action. Brave and intuitive, though they can also be head-strong, Leo’s love being surrounded by admirers and often travel with an entourage. With its non-stop action and excess of things to see and do, Leo’s should definitely make plans to roam in Niagara!

The Lions love to be in the thick of it and will beg, borrow, or steal to attend a coveted activity. A Fire sign, they are partial to larger-than-life events. Spectacular fireworks displays, big-name concerts, artfully-produced theatre…if it’s a hot ticket, you’ll find Leo sitting in the good seats! This is a sign that lives large and prefers to stay in a hotel with late-night activities like gaming and clubbing. Appealing and edgy Niagara activities to lure Leo’s include:

  • Chasing a hole-in-one… Selective Leo’s, who have a penchant for summer activities that are social and outdoor-oriented, will discover Niagara Falls golf courses are on par with the world’s best. The region offers offering an incredible selection of quality courses plus one of the longest playing seasons in North America.
  • Loving the nightlife…From pubs to clubs, from dinner-theatre to comedy venues, from the classic works of Shaw to the classic throw of the dice, in Niagara there’s plenty of drama for Leo’s when the sun goes down!
  • Seeking the heat…From the humid warmth of Niagara’s spectacular indoor water parks on a frosty winter day to the restorative, heat-enhanced treatments offered at the region’s many magnificent spas, fiery Leo’s crave warmth and function best when warmed from within.

Niagara promises Leo a roaring good time!