Libra’s, one of the Zodiac’s air signs, are all about balance and harmony, justice and stability. The Scales need to surround themselves with beauty and sometimes go to extremes to do so. Caring and understanding individuals, they have a keen sense of intuition. For Libra’s with an inkling that Niagara is the place to be, the Falls does indeed have it all!

Libra natives like to slip away with a special someone. The Air sign also loves to shop and enjoys few things more than a cultural immersion. A social sign, they shine in situations where they can meet people. Libras love day-tripping…especially if they can learn more about artistic skills such as glass-blowing or sculpting. Not particularly fond of strenuous exercise, they do appreciate a purposeful stroll. Simply put though, Libra’s live for pampering and luxury.

Beautiful Niagara immersions that would entice a Libra include:

  • Treating themselves to a Niagara spa getaway where Libra’s can indulge in all the amenities these upscale facilities have to offer. Unsurpassed facilities, professional therapists and inventive applications featuring signature treatments that are inspired by the region’s extensive agricultural bounty will leave Libra’s refreshed and restored.
  • Day-tripping in nearby Niagara-on-the-Lake. An afternoon spent leisurely exploring the specialty shops and galleries before a sumptuous dinner in advance of catching one of the stellar productions staged by the Shaw Festival would qualify as a perfect outing by discerning Libra’s standards.
  • Sauntering through the natural beauty that is the Niagara Parks…With nature providing a stunning backdrop, beauty-conscious Libras can stroll the magnificent Parks, swoon over the incredible Botanical Garden or get lost in the magical Butterfly Conservatory.

As Libra’s will discover, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder in Niagara!