Honest, magnanimous and spiritual, Pisces feel at their best when near the water! Though the Zodiac’s Fish prefer a city or a town, they also need a restorative getaway where they can immerse themselves in nature. Where better then than Niagara? The region’s laid-back urbanity and acres of pristine parks along with the ceaseless spectacle of the incredible Falls marry to perfectly compliment a Pisces vacation wish-list.

Pisces often have quiet dispositions and tend to keep a lower profile compared to other signs. Sometimes overcautious, which others might read as gullible, Pisces nonetheless often succeeds because of their admirable resolve and passionate determination. It’s not a materialistic sign so a focus on creature comforts is less about luxury and more about recuperation. Blessed with a rich imagination, spontaneous Pisces love music and the movies.

Niagara options include:

  • Riding the mighty Niagara River…. Whatever the conveyance, low-key Fish are at their happiest being on water. Whether gently enveloped in the mist at the base of the Falls or slamming through the rapids in an open-air Jet Boat, Pisces want to be one with the waves.
  • Sampling the culinary bounty that is the Niagara region. Pisces insist on excellent food and particularly appreciate the art ofwine-tasting. For Pisces on the move, this type of delicious immersion feels as if they truly have left it all behind.
  • Sourcing the nirvana that is the retail scene in the Niagara area. Spur-of-the-moment Pisces live to explore a charming streetscape lined with specialty shops but are equally at home uncovering the bargain of all bargains at a traditional or outlet mall.

For a determined Pisces with an eye on a restorative getaway, Niagara’s got all the “feel” goods!