Energetic and exuberant Sagittarius, the Zodiac’s philosopher, was born to explore! Since Sagittarius craves plenty of activity and a plethora of places to discover, intrepid travellers born under this adventure-loving sign would do well to set their sights on the Niagara region.

Strong, athletic and game for a good time, action-oriented, fire-sign Sagittarius also possesses serious focus and a noticeable intensity. Since the sign falls into the houses of both travel and education, they are also intrigued by an area’s quality of life as well as its culture. Their inquisitive minds continually lead them to go further and higher. New heights Sagittarius can scale in Niagara include:

  • Channeling their inner dare-devil - as have so many intrepid Niagara explorers that have gone before – Sagittarius can tackle the waves on the mighty Niagara aboard an open-air Whirlpool Jet Boat, gasp at the views from on-high courtesy of athrilling helicopter tour or go old-school and reduce the churning rapids to merely scenery from a vantage point in theWhirlpool Areo Car.
  • Sampling Niagara’s world-renowned viticulture…Be it a day trip to visit Niagara on the Lake’s many wineries or a getaway specifically tailored to include one of the highly-regarded Wine Festivals held throughout the year, Sagittarius can count on a culinary adventure in Niagara.
  • Reliving the past at any of the superbly preserved historical sites that stand as reminders of the Niagara region’s glorious heritage. From the area’s role as a critical stop on the Underground Railroad to its significant part in the War of 1812, inquiring Sagittarius are sure to appreciate how Niagara region helped shape the nation.

The Niagara region is sure to take Sagittarius to the next level