Passionate, focused and intense – even sometimes considered control-freaks – Scorpios take no chances when it comes to selecting a getaway! Given that they are drawn to water and crave an experience that allows them to immerse themselves in a destination, a trip to the Niagara region should be on every Scorpio’s bucket list. Highly-intelligent Scorpios are all about depth, substance and getting off the beaten path so investigative forays are just the thing for them to relax and unwind. Perfect Niagara possibilities for solitary-loving Scorpios include:

  • Renting bikes to cycle through the amazing natural surroundings of the Niagara area.
  • Touring any of the over seventy award-winning wineries, all with distinct personalities and offering custom vintages, eager to engage curious visitors with inviting winery tasting rooms and informative on-site tours.
  • Relaxing and finding sanctuary and respite in one of Niagara’s many top-rated spas. Scorpios, who love to drop out of civilization for a while, can drop-in and sample one-of-a-kind treatments that are derived from the best of the region’s agricultural bounty.
  • Exploring the many incredible historic sites throughout the area that offer an intriguing glimpse as to how this diverse region’s fascinating culture evolved.

Micro-managing Scorpios will be charmed to discover that all the Stars align in Niagara!