Taurus are all about strength, stamina and will. Stubborn at heart, the Taurus is also loving, compassionate and grateful. Taurus natives are ruled by Earth, and tend to be very family-oriented with a fondness for travelling with as many loved ones as possible. Practical and level-headed, they tend not to stray too far from home. With their ideal getaway being an area with lots on offer for families, obviously their ideal go-to is Niagara Falls.

As Bulls prefer to travel in packs, they dislike spontaneity and indecision. Keeping it real, they enjoy strolling about and sight-seeing at places that are kid-friendly. Ultimately, Bulls are happiest enjoying a break that leaves them lots of time for family. Niagara choices for Taurus and their entourages include:

Immersing themselves in all things botanical as earthy Taurus has an affinity for flowers and the natural world. TheNiagara Parks Commission’s 1325 hectares (3274 acres) of parkland, which runs along the entire length of the Niagara River, stretching 53 km, is sure to qualify for the Bull’s definition of heaven. Attractions, such as the Floral Clock, theFloral Showcase, the Botanical Gardens, and year-roundButterfly Conservatory and The Bird Kingdom offer a Taurus relaxing family-friendly fun.

Taking in the sights on the infamous Clifton Hill. From quirky museums to family-style restaurants to amusement park rides,Clifton Hill District is the Taurus destination for family fun!

Barreling down a gigantic, twisting slide in any of Niagara’s family-centric year-round water parks. For practical Taurus, the convenience of staying in a hotel with built-in fun and entertainment that appeals to the whole family is a definite vacation dream come true.

For pragmatic Taurus, a Niagara getaway is a chance to make a big splash!