Equal parts analytical and methodical, Virgo leaves little to chance especially when it comes to travelling. When considering a destination, The Virgin, always in pursuit of perfection, will have identified all the activities that are must do’s and drawn up an itinerary that includes them all. Virgo’s are the Zodiacs hardest workers so even on vacation they need to feel like they are accomplishing something. How serendipitous then that the Niagara region is perfect for helping Virgo’s get it done!

Virgos prefer to drive to their destination of choice. Many of them eschew vacations unless they can combine “business” with pleasure….even if the “business” at hand is self-improvement. Virgin’s live to be intellectually stimulated and right in the thick of things! A perfect Virgo vacation in Niagara could involve:

  • Booking quality time in one of Niagara’s well-appointed spas with the intent of marrying pampering with improving vitality. Moving beyond simple relaxation, Virgos would benefit most from spa activities that teach them how to live a better, healthier life.
  • Focusing on activities that improve wellness as Virgo’s are committed to staying healthy and fit. A perfect vacation from a Virgo’s point of view would include opportunity for long hikes and vigorous excursions like white-water rafting. Hiking through the Niagara Glen in the Great Gorge or churning through the rapids on the Jet Boat tours would be a Virgo dream.
  • Feasting on Niagara’s culinary bounty. Virgo’s are very concerned about healthy eating so the region’s bourgeoning culinary scene would be viewed by Virgo as an opportunity to learn more about food and wine. Niagara’s focus on regionally-inspired dishes and wines would appeal to Virgo’s desire to simplify.

Virgo’s visiting Niagara can plan on great time!