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April 25, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

What’s Open in Niagara Falls?

Just about everything is open in Niagara Falls year-round but there are a few seasonal attractions that open around or on May 1st. Hornblower Cruises to the base of the falls at 5920 Niagara Parkway. WildPlay Niagara Whirlpool at 5847…
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April 23, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

Fall Illuminated in Blue to Honour Royal Birth

In celebration of the birth of the newest member of the royal family, The Niagara Falls Illumination Board will light up Niagara Falls in blue this evening from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. to help mark this special occasion.  The illumination of…
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April 20, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

Niagara Falls Featured in New Movie

Niagara Falls is the backdrop for a new film set to debut in our local Niagara Square Cinema on Friday, April 20th.The movie, “Mary Goes Round” by Toronto director, Molly McGlynn is about a substance abuse counsellor named Mary who loses…
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April 19, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

Niagara Parks to Host Three Elite Junior Golf Tour

As part of its long-term commitment to help grow the game of golf, Niagara Parks is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Canadian Junior Golf Association (CJGA) to launch the Niagara Parks Junior Series. This new series of three…
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April 18, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

Annual Rock Scaling Operations Along Gorge Wall

Always a sure sign of spring, Niagara Parks will be conducting its annual rock scaling operations along the wall of the Niagara Gorge on the Canadian side of the Horseshoe Falls, from April 23 to April 27, weather permitting. Niagara…
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April 18, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

New Memorandum of Understanding

A new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between The Niagara Parks Commission and Brock University will be signed by Niagara Parks Chair, Janice Thomson and Brock University Interim Provost and Vice-President, Academic Tom Dunk, during…
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April 18, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

Elvis Festival Returns to Niagara Falls

For the second year in a row, Niagara Falls will host an official Elvis event sanctioned by Elvis Presley Enterprises. If you’re one of those many Elvis, fans this is something you don’t want to miss. There will this coming weekend three…
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April 16, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

Fishing in the Niagara River

Now that the weather is starting to warm up (we hope) fishers will be heading to the Niagara River to do some fishing. Spring is the peak season for fishing. This 56-kilometre strait that connects Lakes Erie and Ontario offers a variety of…
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April 13, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

Removal of Niagara Ice Boom Begins

A sure sign of spring is when the Niagara River Ice Boom at the mouth of the Niagara River in Fort Erie begins. Removal began this past Tuesday when 450 metres of the boom was taken out of the water. Removal of the entire ice boom should…
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April 11, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

Where the Falls Began

I went for a drive this weekend to Locust Grove, a lovely hidden spot off the Niagara Parkway 11 kilometres north of the falls. It’s just before the entrance to Queenston Heights Park and before you make the turn down Queenston Hill. Park…
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April 9, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

Tell Me About Navy Island

This is an uninhabited Canadian owned 127-hectare (315 acre) island in the Niagara River 5 kilometres (3 miles) above the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. The Canadian government has designated it as a Wildlife and Crown Preserve. It received its…
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April 8, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

Support for the Residents of Humboldt Saskatchewan

The Niagara Falls Illumination Board will illuminate Niagara Falls in the colours of green and gold this evening, as a symbol of binational support for the residents of Humboldt, Saskatchewan as they deal with the pain and shock emanating…
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April 6, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

Niagara Parks Golf Courses Prepare for Opening

As excitement builds around the Masters Golf Tournament, Niagara Parks is pleased to announce that its Whirlpool Golf Course as well as the Battlefield and 9-hole Chippawa courses at Legends on the Niagara, will officially open to the…
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April 5, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

Welland Canal Open for the Season

The world-famous Welland Canal, operated by the St. Lawrence Seaway Authority, opened Thursday, March 29th for its 2018 navigation season. This canal allows ships to by-pass Niagara Falls and carry ships from above the falls to Lake…
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April 4, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

Tourism and Niagara Falls

What does tourism mean to the city of Niagara Falls? A lot. Statistics indicate that 14.5 million people visited Niagara Falls in 2017. There were 3.4 million rooms booked and one of Niagara Falls most popular attractions, Hornblower…
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April 3, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

Riverbrink Art Museum Open for the Season

This museum found in the historic village of Queenston 12 kilometers north of the falls opened on March 18th and remains open until September 15th. The museum located at 116 Queenston Street, Queenston contains 1,400 works by Canadian and…
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March 28, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

Niagara Falls…Gateway to Canada

There’s a new sign greeting visitors who cross the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls into Canada proclaiming our city as the gateway to Canada. The sign is right, we are one of the gateways from the U.S. into Canada. Created by Signature…
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March 26, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

Celebrate Easter Weekend at Niagara Parks

Make a visit to Niagara Parks part of your Easter long weekend plans and check out the fantastic lineup of springtime activities and events taking place all along the Niagara River corridor. Niagara Parks offers something for everyone this…
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March 22, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

Who Turned Off the Falls?

For many of us, who live not to far from the cataract we often hear, (when the wind is right) the roar of the falls. Not to hear the roar of the falls would be unusual. Near midnight of March 29,1848 there was an eerie silence when the…
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March 20, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

Niagara Falls to "Switch off” for Earth Hour 2018

The Niagara Falls Illumination Board is pleased to once again announce its participation in the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) global Earth Hour initiative. On Saturday March 24, from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m., the nightly illumination of Niagara…
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March 19, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

A Bit about Queenston

Eleven kilometres north of the Falls off the Niagara Parkway sits the quaint residential village of Queenston. For much of the 1700’s Queenston was first called West Landing. It became Queen’s Town in the 1790’s when Governor Simcoe’s…
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March 16, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

More March Activities

The Niagara Falls History Museum at 5810 Ferry Street in Niagara Falls have these happenings this month. Saturday, March 24th, the Niagara Brewery Collectible Club welcomes beer collectors and enthusiasts to the museum from 10 a.m. until…
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March 14, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

Niagara Falls Goes Green on St. Patrick’s Day

In Partnership with Tourism Ireland’s “Global Greening”, campaign the lights on the falls will go green for 15 minutes at the top of the hour from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m. on St. Patrick’s Day Saturday, March 17th. The brilliant green allows…
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March 12, 2018 byGeorge Bailey

March Break Ideas

If you’re looking for things to do this March Break here are a few ideas. Check out many of the attractions found on Clifton Hill. Niagara Falls street of fun. Visit the Floral Showhouse, Butterfly Conservatory or Bird Kingdom where it’s…
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