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A Night Of Terror, August 6, 1918

It was on that date 95 years ago, August 6, 1918 that the scow above the falls became stranded. And what a night it was. There were two men on board the scow who miraculously managed to open the catch-basins on the bottom of the bulky run-a-way barge and scuttle the craft within sight and sound of the mighty Niagara Falls. I’m sure they feared their appointment with destiny would be imminent.

Amazingly both men were rescued from the barge when a line was shot out to them from the Toronto Power Plant and they were each pulled to shore above the fast flowing Niagara River to solid ground after a chair was secured to the line.

Many thought the scow would have disintegrated by now. If you look at the scow from the air you’ll see it has now become an island and most likely will remain here for many years to come.

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