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On Thursday, July 10th admirers of Nikola Tesla, the inventor of the alternating current motor that changed the way we live will gather at 4:30 pm in Queen Victoria Park, near Table Rock House. They gather to celebrate Tesla’s 154th birthday near a statue of the famous inventor.

Tesla initially worked for Thomas Edison, but when he struck out on his own he invented the Alternating Current induction motor. This motor allowed electricity to be sent long distances. It sent electricity around the world.

The system was first introduced on October 15th, 1896 when alternating current was sent from Niagara Falls, N.Y. to Buffalo, N.Y.

The public is invited to attend. I plan to be there.

On that date the world changed thanks to Nikola Tesla.

Here are a few photos of the Tesla statue in Niagara Falls, Ontario and one of a statue of Tesla found in the state park in Niagara Falls, N.Y.

  • Mervin Wehnes

    Mervin Wehnes 1 year ago

    It is unfortunate that Tesla didn't get the credit for inventing A/C current. Nothing against Thomas Edison
    but credit is due to where it's due, as they say.

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