As early as June 1928 aerial rides over Niagara Falls have been available to visitors and locals.

It all began in June 1928 when a small airport was built by Harry Oakes (a well-known Niagara philanthropist) just north of the Village of Chippawa opposite Marineland’s south parking lot.

This is where Oakes singular Tri-Motor Ford airplane known as, “The Goose” would take off and land after taking 12 passengers on a ten-minute ride above the falls. The cost was $5.00 each. The airport closed in 1931 due to a lack of business. The sight is now the location of a large parking lot known as Rapid’s View operated by The Niagara Parks Commission.

Today, Niagara Helicopters, for the past 50 years have been taking people on exciting rides above these majestic falls. Their airport is located at 3731 Victoria Avenue near the Niagara Spanish Aero Car attraction over the Niagara Whirlpool.


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