I read in today’s local newspaper that the New York State Power Authority is considering diverting the water that goes over the American Falls to the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. This could occur in the next two or three years to repair two aging bridges above their falls.

When this last occurred in 1969 I was managing the Sheraton Foxhead Hotel. It turned out to be one of the worst seasons in many years. Lots of visitors didn’t visit the falls because they thought the falls were “turned-off”. In fairness I don’t think it was clearly explained to the public that it was only the American Falls that had ceased to flow .I recently saw a news report on a national television station speaking about the possible shutting down of the falls. The report never mentioned the Canadian Horseshoe Falls would continue to flow!

Hopefully with more publicity this shutting down of the American falls could be taken to our advantage and draw more people to see the dewatered American falls. Time will tell.

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