Here’s an interesting painting from my Niagara Falls collection by an unknown artist of a view of the American and Canadian Horseshoe Falls from the bottom of what we now call Clifton Hill.

Note the heavy volume of water going over both American Falls on the left (the Bridal Veil Falls has not yet formed) and the Canadian Horseshoe Falls on the right. The tower in the Niagara River on the left of the Canadian Falls above the falls was called Terrapin Tower. It stood her from 1833 until 1872. You walked a platform to reach the observation tower.

Look carefully and you’ll see at the bottom of the painting a small rowboat that took people from one shore to the other. There are also a few people carry loads on their backs up the steep hill. The nicely dressed family are probably guests of the nearby Clifton Hotel.

An accompanying note with the painting says it was drawn from the newly opened Clifton Hotel. Therefore, I’m suggesting this painting was done 180 years ago in 1835 the year the hotel opened.

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