I can. Niagara Dry Ginger Ale was a bottled soft drink produced here in Niagara Falls from the early 1930’s to the early 1970’s.I can remember as a young 25 year old walking down Ferry Street past the current Niagara Falls History Museum and looking through large plate glass windows as the drink was being bottled. The label had a picture of Niagara Falls on it (much like the Shredded Wheat Box) resulting in lots of publicity for the falls.

The locally owned bottling plant was bought by Pepsi Cola and moved to Toronto and phased out the popular soft drink.

I’d love to be able to have another bottle of Niagara Dry Ginger Ale.

  • Andrea

    Andrea 2 years ago

    It was my father's favorite ginger ale, we used to sit side by side on the beach on the Canadian lakeshore near Buffalo and have a bottle together - it was divine, not too sweet, nice tang - wish it was still around.

  • Randy

    Randy 2 years ago

    I remember it too. When I was young every time we went to the falls that was my "pop" of choice. Yesterday I was visiting both casinos and woke up this morning thirsty and wondered what happened to it. I don't know what they used but the taste was much better than any ginger ale we can get now.

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