• Andrea

    Andrea 2 years ago

    It was my father's favorite ginger ale, we used to sit side by side on the beach on the Canadian lakeshore near Buffalo and have a bottle together - it was divine, not too sweet, nice tang - wish it was still around.

  • Randy

    Randy 2 years ago

    I remember it too. When I was young every time we went to the falls that was my "pop" of choice. Yesterday I was visiting both casinos and woke up this morning thirsty and wondered what happened to it. I don't know what they used but the taste was much better than any ginger ale we can get now.

  • Wayne

    Wayne 3 months ago

    Remember it? Yes, of course. My father drove one of the delivery trucks. I remember riding along with him back in the early 50's when he made a run to Niagara-on-the-Lake to one of the stores on their main street. They had an elevator that went from the sidewalk straight down to their basement where deliveries were received. Like Andrea, I loved the taste which was different, in my opinion, from Canada Dry. I too wish I could have another bottle for old time sake.

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