Here’s a little know fact. When you travel the Niagara Parkway south of Table Rock towards Chippawa you’re travelling on a part of the Niagara Parkway that was once the Niagara River.
Here’s why. Up until 1904 their was an island called Cedar Island directly above the Canadian Horseshoe Falls in front of the now abandoned Canadian Niagara Power  Plant. Part of this roadway in front of the plant is now closed for repairs. When this plant was built in 1904 the waterway between the island and the mainland (the new sight of the plant) was filled in to make a new roadway. This is the road that is currently being repaired.
Cedar Island had, up until 1904, a very popular observation tower known as Street’s Pagoda.
Now, when you travel this portion of the Niagara Parkway you’ll know you are travelling on what was once the Niagara River.
Look closely at the attached old photograph and you’ll see Street’s Pagoda on the right and the falls in the distance.


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