I’ve blogged about Dickens a number of years ago but I think maybe some new eyes that view this blog might be interested to know this English novelist visited Niagara Falls during a North American tour in 1842 with his wife Kate, and her maid Anne.
After leaving Cleveland, they crossed Lake Erie to Buffalo and then travelled by train down the U.S. side of the Niagara River to Niagara Falls, N.Y.
The next day he crossed thee Niagara River below the falls to the Canadian side where they checked into a hotel (most likely the Clifton Hotel).
When he visited Table Rock he was stunned by Niagara’s beauty and awed by the spectacle. He wrote, “Niagara was at once stamped upon my heart, an image of beauty, to remain there, changeless and indelible, until its pulses cease to beat, forever”.
You can still be awed, at any time of the year, with Niagara Falls an image of beauty that will remain changeless and indelible for years to come.

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