New Daredevil Gallery in Historic Downtown Niagara Falls

Here’s a creative way to make use of an ally way in the historic downtown of Niagara Falls…create outdoor gallery in the ally way and invite people to come and take a look. Just off the south side of Queen Street near the east end of the street is a new daredevil Gallery.

I took a walk this morning to see the new $15,000 display. The display consists of 17 wall-mounted photographs of the many daredevils who have walked over the Niagara River on tightropes, stunters who went over the falls in barrels, and those who went through the lower Niagara Rapids in barrels. Historic facts explain the photographs.

Nem Kuntos, General Manager of the Niagara Falls B.I.A. ( Business Improvement Association) says ,”There’s still more work to be done and an official unveiling is planned for May”.

If you’re in Niagara Falls take a sneak preview of the exhibit. Photos are attached.


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