Yes, just before midnight on March 29,1848, Niagara residents accustomed to the flow of the Niagara River were awakened when the Niagara River ceased to flow. The reason-a strong south-west wind pushed the ice in Lake Erie in motion. Millions of tones of ice became lodged at the mouth of the Niagara River at Lake Erie blocking the channel completely. The self-made dam held the water for approximately thirty hours until the wind shifted and the pent-up weight of the water broke and the Niagara River began to flow again.

Also, the American Falls stopped flowing from June 1969 until November 1969, when the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers coffer-dammed the falls to study what actions, if any should be taken to remove the debris at the base of the American Falls. It was decided to let nature take its course and to do nothing about rock removal.