Niagara Falls Tourism Coloured Leaf  Niagara Falls Canada

Most times the magnificent falls takes top billing with our millions of visitors. However, taking second billing are the spectacular rainbows and sunrises we have that appear over the waterfall.

Colourful rainbows can usually be spotted in the mist over Niagara Falls on bright sunny days. Because the sun rises in the east (from Niagara Falls, NY), they see the rainbows early in the day. As the sun climbs in the sky, we see the rainbows usually from noon until the sun sets in the west.

On clear brilliant days, you can also see a glorious sunrise as it lights up the sky over the Canadian Horseshoe Falls at Table Rock. These sunrises take place at different times depending on the season. At this time of the year, it’s usually around 7:40 a.m.

Great places to see these rainbows and sunrises are in the fallsview rooms of the many fallsview area hotels that overlook the falls on the Canadian side of the border.

Get up early to enjoy this magnificent sight.

Here are a few photographs of a rainbow and sunrise over the falls.

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