My hat is raised to two Niagara Falls Historians who have helped keep Niagara Falls history alive. We would know little about Niagara’s colourful past if it were not for historians who have taken the time to record in print our history.
The first person I’d like to give credit too is our current Niagara Falls and Niagara Parks Historian Sherman Zavitz. Sherman has produced numerous books on Niagara Falls and regularity contributes to our local newspaper interesting facts about Niagara past which he writes about in his, A Niagara Note” column. I always look forward to reading his column. Most anything you want to know about Niagara’s past can be found with this fine gentleman.
Another historian who I admire is the late George Seibel who also served as City of Niagara Falls and Niagara Parks Historian before Sherman. He was also a lovely human being who cared deeply people.
George and I were kindred souls.
George’s contribution too Niagara’s past is significant. Here are a few historically rich books he produced (always with his wife Olive at his side who served as editor) ,”Niagara Parks-100 Years”, “Bridges Over the Niagara Gorge”, ”The Niagara Portage Road”, ”Niagara Falls Canada-A History”.
George also has left several unpublished manuscripts that I continue to glean facts and figures from about Niagara Falls.
Attached is a photo of Olive Seibel and her late husband George taken in the 1990’s and Sherman Zavitz.
We are richer because of these people.

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