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Hiking in the Niagara Glen

If you’re wondering what to do to get a bit of exercise this spring here’s your answer. Put on a pair of good hiking boots and head to the Niagara Glen Nature Reserve just north of the falls.

This area has been designated a reserve since 1992.It’s a tough walk (4 kilometres or 2.5 miles) down to the River’s edge but even a tougher walk back up from the gorge. If you like nature you’ll love this walk. The paths wind through a pristine pocket of Carolinian Forest, past boulders left behind as the falls eroded through this area 10,500 years ago.

We spotted just off one of the path a few people from Buffalo who were “bouldering” in the glen. It’s when you try to climb boulders from beneath! You really have to see it to understand the sport. Apparently the NPC has become world known for this sport. The Boulderers (is there such a word?) each paid the NPC $20.00 to practice their sport.

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