The crest line of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls measures approximately 670 metres wide (2,200 feet),the American Falls about 260 metres (850 feet) and the Bridal Veil Falls about 15 metres (50 feet).The crest line of Luna Island (that’s the Island that separates the American and Bridal Veil Falls is about 305 metres (100 feet).

The Canadian Horseshoe Falls has a vertical plunge of 57 metres (188 feet) to the river below. The height of the American Falls from the top to the talus (rock) below at the base is21 to 34 metres (70-110 feet).The height taken to the river is 57 metres (188 feet).

Accompanying this blog are two aerial views. One is of the American and Bridal Veil Falls separated by Luna Island. The other is the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

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