It’s About Time

To be more precise it’s about the Niagara Parks Floral Clock timepiece found on the lower Niagara Parkway. I read this week in our local newspaper this floral clock is now designated as one of the world’s ten most famous timepieces. Two others on the list are The Grand Central Terminal Clock in New York and Big Ben’s Great Clock in London.

This clock was built in the early 1950’s beside the Sir Adam Beck Generating Station #1 by Ontario Hydro. It was inspired by the famous clock found in Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland. Westminster chimes and speakers are housed in the ivy-clad tower which rises above the clock dial at the rear. They intone on the quarter hour and strike on the hour.

Approximately 19,000 plants make up the summer time design of the clock. Coins tossed into the fountain in front of the pond are donated to Niagara charities.

Today, The Niagara Parks Commission is responsible for the design and planting of the clock. Hydro One takes care of mechanical maintenance.

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