Jay Cochrane “Prince of the Air” Dies

Many of us who live in Niagara Falls, including myself were saddened to hear of the passing of 69 year old Jay Cochrane on October 31st of pancreatic cancer.

Jay, who was living in Niagara Falls at the time of his death, was an international aerialist (Tightrope walker). For many years he was a fixture in the falls where he would make regular walks during the summer months 230 metres above the ground between two of Niagara’s tallest structures, the Skylon Tower and the Hilton Hotel.

After his walks he would sign autographs and videos. The $200,000 he received from these sessions over the years he donated to various Niagara Falls charities.

Jay was a true gentleman and he will be missed.

Attached are a few photographs I took of his performances on the wire in July of 2012.You might have to squint to see him like many of the people I caught looking up at him high in the sky.

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