It was 23 years ago today that a 28 year old bachelor from Ocoee, Tennessee named Jessie Sharp attempted to ride over the Canadian Horseshoe Falls in a 12 foot, eight inch wide, 36 pound polyethylene kayak. He was unsuccessful and he lost his life.

He had planned the trip for many years and was an experienced “white water” kayaker. His ride was photographed and videotaped by people he had hired. He refused to wear a helmet in order that he could be recognized in the video and photographs. He planned after, “Shooting the Falls” to continue down river to Lewiston, N.Y. where he had made dinner reservations. His body was never recovered.

We are now getting into the season where numerous (16) daredevils have tried to “conquer the falls”.

It is not only fool hardy but illegal to attempt such a feat.

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