Magical Night @ The Greg Frewin Theatre

‘You’ve gotta love being a magician’ words spoken by Greg Frewin, and boy can you tell he LOVES being a magician. How is it that I hadn’t been to his show yet? I walked through the front door amazed at how many people were there on a Tuesday night, the place was hopping! So make sure you book early to ensure the day and time best for you.


  • Get there 30 minutes before the show
  • Vouchers must be exchanged for tickets, so take that into account if you arrive 30 minutes early then you’ll be fine
  • Plenty of free parking, so no worries there
  • Note to self, next time order the dinner! (You can order an optional buffet dinner about an hour before the show)

I was escorted to my seat, which happened to be at the very front of the stage, (sweet!), ordered a Merlot and waited for the show to start. I gazed around the room and instantly noticed there was already a fun energy about the place and the group, it must have been the dinner prior!


  • Order the popcorn, it’s a must!
  • Did you know you can actually call earlier and have your Birthday announcement showcased on the stage screen?! Nice touch! We all wished Brooklyn a ‘Happy Birthday’ that night.

Don’t worry this blog is not a spoiler-alert. So I’m not going to give you a blow by blow account of the next few hours, but let me say it’s worth the money. Greg is charming, funny and uber talented. He is assisted by 3 gorgeous girls, a dog, a duck, a parrot and two tigers. You’re just going to have to watch the show to know how it all works in, but trust me it does!

I loved the flow: there was audience participation, solo magic acts, and many theatrical and high production effects. I was sitting at the very front of the stage and thought I would be so close that I could make out some of the tricks of the trade, but nope!


  • At the end of the show, you are invited to have your photo taken next to Rocco (Tiger), in a magical cage. So line up fast, he’s a popular guy!
  • In the lobby area you can have your photo taken with Greg (this is a must do) #niagarafallsspecialmoment
  • You can also get his autograph and purchase any show mementos

After the show the VIP ‘Passers’ were collected and gathered in the hallway awaiting to go backstage. We got to see where all the props hang out and have photos taken with Greg. We were then taken on stage where we got the low down on lighting, stage effects and how to deal with exotic birds like Parrots.

The piece de resistance was, of course, petting the baby white Tiger. A mere 7.5 months old and already 160 pounds, what!?! We all got to pet the Tiger while she clamped on to a baby bottle of milk that managed to attract every ounce of attention from the wee kitty.


  • Make sure you bring questions! I found that we were able to get many interesting tips with all the questions being asked by the group. One young budding magician wanna be was making sure he asked all his important questions. matter what your age.
  • Talk to the person next to you! I was amazed to find out I was in a group of people from as close as Brantford to as far away as Indonesia.

Of particular note was the care and love in which Greg Frewin treated his animals. He is very actively involved in their well-being and providing them with a loving and nurturing home. He participates in various organizations that helps rescue exotic pets, which only makes you love Greg Frewin more :)

The evening ended around 10pm, I had a fabulous time. I can now cross ‘petting a tiger’ off my bucket list ;)!


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