• Rick

    Rick 8 months ago

    I've loved this movie from day one. Gone to Niagara dozens of times trying to find some of the places where they shot. Some are easy to find and others impossible with all the new age Niagara that has taken over. I would love to go in the tower near the border and walk the stairs where she was killed in the movie, but they have that all locked up now and Reno's have changed it so you cannot get up there. The original bus station where they shot some scenes is long gone. So are the gift shops. I went over to the Brock Sheridan and found the room she stayed in. I believe it was 801. She had a view back in that day but they have long since boarded it all up with new buildings. I never could find the building but did come close when she leans on the car and hears the bells playing Their song, then decides to walk to the tower from far away. I drove down there once with no luck. If I go again I'll look around. This movie was shot the same time my mother and father were married. Dad never said anything to me at all about it. The scene in Chippewa is easy to find but after watching the movie, I came to realize that there were two more buildings beside the now still there Restaurant. This would take it well on to the private property and the house which is there today. This is obviously my favourite movie and the one I always grab for when I need the Marilyn fix.

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