It was 63 years ago that 26 year old Marilyn Monroe arrived on June 2nd to begin filming of the movie, “Niagara”. Until the movie was finished filming on June 18th it appeared Niagara took, “second billing”. All eyes were on Marilyn.

I can remember as an eight year old my father, Manny Bailey telling me, “She looked like an angel”. My father, who was the captain of the Maid of the Mist, was to appear briefly (don’t blink) in the movie as one of the many Niagara extras. Years later I went on the write a book on the movie called, “Marilyn Monroe and the Making of Niagara”. The book has long been out of print but I still keep getting requests for the publication.

When the “world premiere” occurred at the Seneca Theatre in Niagara Falls Ontario on January 28, 1953 Niagara would never be the same. The scenic beauty of Niagara Falls would be seen by millions. Especially appealing were the scenes in the movie of Niagara Falls illuminated at night.

Niagara became one of the biggest movies of 1953 for Twentieth Century Fox, returning five times its investment of two million dollars in the first year release!.

Attached is a photograph from my personal collection of Marilyn Monroe filming a scene in front of Table Rock House near the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. Look at how the film crew seem bored to death.