For two weeks in June of 1953, Niagara Falls took,” Second-billing” when Hollywood movie goddess, Marilyn Monroe arrived in Niagara Falls to begin filming the movie, “Niagara”. It seemed the Falls no longer existed and all eyes were on Marilyn.
Marilyn stayed for two of the hottest weeks, June 2nd to June 18th of the year and temperatures reached consistently in and around 100 degrees each day.
When the 80 minute technicolour movie was released in January of 1953 Niagara was never the same. Marilyn helped put us on the map.
 It also made my Dad a movie star!! He’s in the movie for about 2 seconds (don’t blink) playing himself as the captain of the world famous Maid of the Mist.
Attached are a few photos from my personal collection of Marilyn Monroe taken while the movie was being filmed.