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Niagara Helicopters in Niagara Falls have recently put into operation four of the quietest H130 helicopters currently flying. These helicopters were delivered by Airbus Helicopters Canada in nearby Fort Erie. According to Airbus, the Fenestron tail rotor and automatic variable rotor speed control results in significant reduced external sound levels.

The H130 is a light single-engine helicopter with all the latest aircraft technology.

I had the chance to take a ride in one of the new helicopters and can attest to its quietness. Also the cabin modular was much roomier than the previous copters that have flown over Niagara Falls. The copter holds the pilot and seven passengers.

Since 1999, Airbus Helicopters Canada has delivered one out of every two helicopters built in Canada.

Niagara Helicopters have been taking visitors on trips over the falls since 1961.

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