Between Oct, 24, 1901 and Oct, 20 2003, 16 different people, including two women, intentionally tried to, “beat” Niagara by plunging over the Canadian Horseshoe Falls (no one has ever tried to go over the American Falls because of the heavy rock below the falls).Two people went over twice, while two others went over the falls at the same time in the same barrel. It gets a bit confusing doesn’t it? All but one (Kirk Jones, Oct. 20, 2003) did it without the aid of some type of barrel or device. Five of these people lost their lives in the attempt. Five of these daredevils made the plunge during this month of July.

It is illegal, and some would say not very smart, to intentionally perform a stunt by going over the falls. The fine is in the neighbourhood of ten thousand dollars and your barrel is also confiscated.

For more detailed information just Wikipedia this subject or purchase one of the daredevil books found in Niagara Falls gift shops.

Attached is a photograph of Karel Soucek that I took at the Greater Niagara General Hospital being discharged after he went over the falls on July 2,1984 in a cigar shaped, plastic barrel at about 9:30 a.m.

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