Sand Sculpture Exhibition

Niagara’s Newest Attraction Puts Sand in Your Eyes

That’s right. Let me explain. My wife Ellen and I just returned from a walk to the old Niagara Falls Arena near the heart of the tourist district.

We went to the old arena to see Niagara’s newest attraction. The attraction is named after the Niagara Falls resident who founded the company, Valerly Revura’s V2 Niagara Inc. Once we stepped inside we saw 20 enormous sand sculptures, many of them celebrating the 200 years of peace between Canada and the U.S since the War of 1812-14. A few of the displays included the signing of the Treaty of Ghent, which set the boundary between Canada and the U.S., Sir Isaac Brock and Laura Secord.

The company has spent months repainting and renovating the 63 year old building. Sand now has replaced the ice that I had skated on for many years.

This new attraction, that does not open till the summer of 2013 , promises to be a big hit with locals and visitors alike. Here are a few photos I took.

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