The Floral Clock is located about 10 kilometres north of the falls just off the Niagara Parkway near, Ontario Power Generation Sir Adam Beck 11 Generating Station.

The idea for this 40-foot (12.2 metre) diameter clock was inspired by Ontario Hydro (now Ontario Power Generation) 1950’s chairman, Dr. Richard Heard when he visited Edinburgh, Scotland and saw a smaller floral clock.

This clock built by the then Ontario Hydro in 1950, is three times the size of the clock in Scotland. It is believed to be the largest type of its kind in the world.

The clock’s face of live plants is planted and maintained by the staff of The Niagara Parks Commission. The mechanics of the clock remains the responsibility of Ontario Power Generation.

The face of the clock consists of approximately 19,000 to 24,000 colourful carpet plants. A water garden surrounds the clock. Visitors throw coins in the pond which are donated to local charities.

The hands of the clock are made of stainless steel tubing.

The time on the clock is checked daily to ensure accuracy.

Designs for the face of the clock are changed seasonally.

Parking and viewing of the Floral Clock is free.


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