Niagara’s Last,” Daredevil” Celebrates an Anniversary

It was ten years ago on October 20th, 2003 that Kirk Jones, a 40 year-year-old from Canton, Ohio jumped into the Niagara River and went over the Canadian Horseshoe Falls at 12:45 pm wearing only his jacket and jeans and survived!
I can remember reading about his trip when he spoke with a local Niagara Falls Review reporter. He said and I quote, “It was my full intent to end my life at those falls. What I did that day was neither heroic nor something that should be emulated in any way, by anyone”.
In April 2004 during an interview on Canada AM, Jones put a different spin on the reason for his trip:” Well I have to say it was a challenge to myself. In all my life I felt I never achieved what I wanted. I was always fascinated by Niagara and I thought once in my life completing a challenge to myself that would no longer (make me feel fear) the consequences”.
In December 2003 Jones appeared in a Niagara Falls court and was fined $4,500. We haven’t heard from him since that day.
Regardless why he made the trip over Niagara, he has to be one of the luckiest guys on this planet. 
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