Today, 18 xenon gas spotlights, each emitting 250,000 candlepower, shine amber, white, blue and red lights to illuminate the falls every evening year round. A single operator, either Dick Mann or Peter Gordon, change colours by manipulating controls that places coloured film over giant lights. The large casings that hold these lights were acquired from Great Britain after World War 11. These casings at one time held lights that lit up the skies above London during the Battle of Britain.

The illumination of the falls is paid for equally by five different boards. The Niagara Falls Illumination Board each has a representative from each of these boards which are the cities of Niagara Falls Ontario and New York, The Niagara Parks Commission, the State Reservation of Niagara Falls, New York and Ontario Power Generation.

Without the financial contribution from these organizations it would be difficult to see Niagara Falls at night - a big round of applause to these folks.

For more information on these night lights, visit our illumination page.

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