Many Niagarans may not be aware that a building that now occupies part of Niagara Falls Marineland at one time was the location of a “temporary” P.O.W. camp following the Second World War.

Although you can find out about this in historic records I learned about this several years ago when I worked in the Niagara Parks Administration building on Portage Road across the road from Marineland. On at least two occasions I was visited by elderly Germans who had been in the war. Both of them told me they at one time,”Lived across the road”, in an internment camp. They were part of a large group of Germans who were held here in May of 1945 until; “permanent” camps could be built. They both mentioned they were treated well by Canadians. One man told they were even treated better than they were when they were part of the German army!
In May of 1945, there was 35,000 P.O.W’s held in Canada.

Following the First World War the Armoury in Niagara Falls built in 1911 and still in existence today was also where P.O.W’s from this war were also held for a short period of time.

I bet that’s a bit of Niagara Falls history you weren’t aware off.

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