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The Evolution of Wine Country

The creation of the Niagara Wine Industry really started in the early 70s with the planting of new to Niagara varietals of Chardonnay and Gamay. In 1988 the VQA was established (Vitners Quality Alliance). This system let consumers know that the wine they were about to enjoy was grown, harvested, and created in Niagara. Only wine that contains a high percentage of grapes from Niagara can be certified as VQA. With the birth of the winery industry in Niagara, came restaurants, farms, and increased traffic and infrastructure in Niagara on the Lake and Beyond. This trend can still be seen today! With more wineries than you can shake a grape vine at, there’s surely a wine for everyone.


In 1996 at the site of the former Maple Leaf Village amusement park is Casino Niagara. After this, many large hotel chains began to pop up in Niagara Falls. Riding on the success of the first casino, a larger and more elaborate casino complex, Fallsview Casino Resort, was built in 2004. With the casinos came an increase in nightlife. From bars, to high end nightclubs, fine dining restaurants to theatre performances, the scene in Niagara Falls just continued to become more vibrant. Coming soon is a new 5000 seat theatre adjacent to the Hilton hotel, across from the Fallsview Casino. This will no doubt continue the evolution of the Niagara Falls evening entertainment scene!


A destination in and of itself, Niagara Falls has continued to unit couples in matrimony. As a destination, weddings occur every weekend at various venues across Niagara without fail! If you are looking for a destination that offers views, vendors and a one stop shop for your beautiful wedding dreams, look no further than Niagara Falls. We are proud to be associated with marriages and honeymoons! There is nothing better than gathering people around to celebrate love, life, and happiness!


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