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Perfect Time to Hike and Explore Niagara

This past week I rode my bike to the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens located along the Niagara Parkway 15 minutes north of the Falls.

I knew about the nature trail at the back of the gardens but hadn’t been on it for quite a while. What I re-discovered was that plants and trees along this trail have little black plaques that indicate not only the botanical name but the common name of the plants. There’s even a weed garden that told me about the many pesky plants we find in our yards! It’s found behind the large hedges just near the sun dial and not far from the large vegetable garden. By the way, the time indicated on the sun dial was right on.

These botanical gardens are the outdoor classroom of 36 or so students that attend the NPC School of Horticulture for a three year program.

Don’t forget to take a camera and pen and notepad to mark down some of your favourite and not so favourite plants.

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